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Who are you trying to emulate?

Let us ask this question to ourselves before going further.”Who am I trying to be like?” Most part of our life, we try to be like someone else. We want to dress, walk, talk, live like someone or the other. May be sometimes, the person whom we are trying to emulate is a very successful person. But, don’t you think we lose our individuality while doing so? Aren’t we born to be unique in this world? We want ourselves to be qualified by our fellow people with so called certificates as “You walk like so and so”, ”Your speech is very much like so and so” and blah blah. But, we refrain from being ourselves. You may not know. If you are the way you are naturally used to be, people might say something like “That boy’s speech is like yours”. You would be that ‘so and so’ that people had been holding in their minds as the standard against which they compare people’s performance! Imagine!! You are created in this world by the Master. The one who created our star studded celebrity world. We keep gazi…

The friendship I cherish

We come across many people in our lives. Relatives, co-workers, acquaintances and the list gets longer. At a particular point of time, we happen to forget some far relations and colleagues. We don’t feel much about it even when we happen to meet them later. But, if it is a long forgotten friend, we feel very lost when we face them. It makes us feel ashamed and makes us think of the beautiful days that we spent with the friend. That is because “Friendship is a relation which is not bequeathed upon us as a rule, but is a bond made by two fond souls.” I happened to realise the height of friendship very few days earlier. That was when my friends got placed. You know, I was feeling the same tense as they had and was waiting for the results as though it was mine. And once it was out and I got to know that they all had made it, then that’s it. I was in cloud eleven. I was jumping and exulting as though I had been them. I felt so very happy. That was out of the friendship I had for them. Never…

The power of “NO”

“NO” is usually thought as a negative word. But, very few people understand that it is a word of conviction, courage and determination.

When you say a “yes” it means you have given your consent. There is something else we could mean out of this. One, that you like it. Two, that you are afraid of the person and gave your consent even when you don’t like it a bit. Three, that you don’t want to give it a second thought and are used to saying “yes” even when you know perfectly well that you aren’t capable of doing it or you don't need it at the first place. Four, that others have said “yes” and so you don’t want to get off the crowd, since you always like being in the crowd even when it is headed for a big pit.
On the contrary, when you say “no”, it means a lot. One, you mean it. Two, you have given thought to it and are perfectly aware that you aren’t capable of doing or in need of, that particular thing. Three, that you got the nerve to say your heart’s wish to whomever it may conce…

The unsung heroine

Can you deny that your mom is an unsung heroine? Well, no one can.

I have to admit the fact that I have been trying to wall this post for quite a long time now. I don’t know whether someone got to know about this idea or what, but within this brief time I got to see into my mom’s life closely.(Though I am “in” her life, I don’t  get to see it in the perspective that she gets to see it. But, this time I did try to.) Waiting to know what I got?

So, here I am. (I don’t want to restrict myself to just my mom. I strongly hope that this is the same for every mother. Even harder for working mothers.)

Getting at 5 in the morning daily, which is usually thought as an unearthly hour, she starts her work from the very minute she is up. She prepares food for all, not to mention the menu of morning beverages that we give her. After that preparing everyone out to office, school, college or work with the lunch that they carry, which is usually unique for every member! Now, if it is for the working w…

My sis

Very few people in this world are blessed with siblings. I am one among the blessed.

Have you ever realised that you love your bro/sis very much, after a long, thrashing, lightning fight?
That feel is beautiful. It gives you a slight smile on your lips and the next moment grabs away all the hard feeling on him/her.

One day, I sat back and went through my memory. That day was a day before my dear sis' wedding. I was thinking over the days my sis and I spent together. The days we quarreled. The days we stood for each other. The days when we started experimenting in our mom's kitchen(my sis is my inspiration to learn cooking!!She cooks innovative dishes:)..all we do together).The days I was on the back of her bicycle when she's driving. The days when she was actually my teacher(my accounts teacher!!). she is the wife of a person. She has a different family for herself. In-laws to look after her and she is into the next half of her life.


I am feeling separat…

The book you read

Tell me the book you read, I will tell about you!!

I very recently realised this truth after falling victim to a book, or rather a trash, to say more precisely. You know something? If you are reading a book, you are actually living a life in the author's world!! If you do not, then you can't claim that you are actually into reading a book. That is true. Very much true.

So, if that is the case, then why would you like to risk your precious time spending with an author who's thoughts dont get you any further than pollute your minds with dirty inputs.



This is an age old topic, but a topic which has not yet got a solution.
Why dont we give our thought to it?

I was actually deaf to such topics until only a month ago when I happened to read an article in some book(i dont remember where anyway).The reason for me being deaf was that I was practically careless about a class of people who are being neglected of their basic rights.

The article was about bringing equality to all people, including all men and women.
I was attracted by a point that "Equality can be brought by giving equal oppurtunities to everyone".

Yes, it can be. Care to know how?
These days, people who are treated as inequals are those who are not givcn oppurtunities. If they were given the same floor to compete on, well, they would have come out even better than those who consider themselves great.
So, when facilities and ways of facilitating them are open, then probably there will be no questions of inequality and no place for such topics to be blogged.

I stro…

Who told me?

I was recently woke up to my senses when my cousin put out a startling question at me.Want to know why?
Here it is.

I was telling him about a person who remarried. I was also pouring out whatever I had heard about him from many people. At last he just asked one question, "You are saying so much about him. You say something really bad has happened to his life. Did he ever come and tell you in person?"

Now this was what gave me a great startle. Sure..
"Who told me about him? The person himself? ...No..The relatives of him?...No..Did I see something happen with my own eyes?..Nay.."Then, why on earth should I keep saying to people about a person's life which is of least interest to me.

I am thinking.


As I grow, I wither old misconceptions. I outgrow my immaturities. I understand, my mom wont be there to pamper me through each and every phase of my life, after all she has got a life to look into. I believe in the expectations of my father, with me being the sole champion of his dreams. Can I make it in the men’s domain? Being the second daughter in a family with no boys, can I live up to take ahead my parents’ pride? While questions keep swarming around me, answers keep dawning on me “as I grow”.


Have u ever come across anyone who is being under scandal for his/her physical appearnce??..I think u would be nodding your heads or atleast be reminded of such a situation either happening to you or somebody of your fellow poeple..

Do you know how it hurts??Can someone be held responsible for his/her appearance unless and until he/she deliberately doesn't want to look good?

I take it as a topic worth throwing light on.This may be because,I personnally have been a victim of this or because I can't stand people who are "just" known for their appearance alone.

I came across a discussion on this topic in a famous tamil magazine and was really happy for the person who said a thing related to what meant “Beauty should also be one of the good personalities of a person, but not the only”..

How true!!..

If a person is beautiful by birth, then that person should feel happy for it. But, this does not mean that God has given him/her the right to talk about or to say more co…

Are you worthy of your education?

Speaking about the importance of education in a man's life,I am reminded of an incident one of my doctors said to me.Let me just tell that in a brief way.

The doctor and his friends were travelling in a train.At that time,they came across a villager.The villager was talking to them and those learned people were talking with the villager with so much neglect.At one point of time the villager has asked one of his friends about their education.The learned friend has insulted the villager saying that the villager wouldn't understand what his education was all about.For that the villager has so calmly replied,"If u can't make me understand what you have learned,then what is the purpose for you being a learned fellow?" ...

Isn't this a worthy question??..It is,a hundred times.I used to ask this question to myself a lot of times.A question that I wish everyone of the learned people asks himself or herself, to understand whether he or she is really worthy of the educ…

Dont get carried away by the wave!!

Yah!!..Live your life the way you like.Dont ever get carried away by what people think and dream about your life.Though they are integral parts of your life,it is after all your life which you will have to live.

I can see people,which includes me,these days are very engrosed in what the society thinks about them,not minding about their dreams and abilities.We are just carried away by the wave.We dont even realise it until at last we are actually in our last days of life.

We are given plenty of oppurtunities that we seldom realise.Some learned people dont even understand the importance of their education,for which almost a quarter of the Indian population is striving to get.

So,fix your dreams in your heart.Don't heed to what people around you are saying to divert you away from your goals.Be flexible,but not too much as to just bend down to the ground and never being able to get up again.

The decision you take today should be yours.So that whatever you might face in the future you …


With Copenhagen failing its purpose,the countries have started to work out plans on their own.The BASIC group(consisting of Brazil,South Africa,India and China) has met up and decided that they work on their own to improve the mitigation efforts for stopping climate change.
I hope that this effort taken by the countries turns out to be fruitful.


True,a stitch in time definitely saves nine stitches later.I say this for a reason.

Usually I am annoyed by the way some people leave lights and fans on,even when not in use.This, I should say is an act of neglect.They fail to understand that their small act of just swithcing off the lights,fans and water faucets today,will definitely pay off some day or the other.Not just for them,but for their future generation as well.

This need not be just for the sake of the future generation.Doesn't swithcing off electrical appliances when not in use greatly reduce the electricity bill?
Sure enough,I have seen plenty of people who are ready to heed to the wastage of electricity when in home.But when it comes to places away from home,they think it is some other person's responsibility.

Resources available to us is actually everyone's.Be it on some other person's cost,it becomes ours too,when there is an accute need for it.We may not realse it now.There are always times when people…