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Who told me?

I was recently woke up to my senses when my cousin put out a startling question at me.Want to know why?
Here it is.

I was telling him about a person who remarried. I was also pouring out whatever I had heard about him from many people. At last he just asked one question, "You are saying so much about him. You say something really bad has happened to his life. Did he ever come and tell you in person?"

Now this was what gave me a great startle. Sure..
"Who told me about him? The person himself? ...No..The relatives of him?...No..Did I see something happen with my own eyes?..Nay.."Then, why on earth should I keep saying to people about a person's life which is of least interest to me.

I am thinking.


As I grow, I wither old misconceptions. I outgrow my immaturities. I understand, my mom wont be there to pamper me through each and every phase of my life, after all she has got a life to look into. I believe in the expectations of my father, with me being the sole champion of his dreams. Can I make it in the men’s domain? Being the second daughter in a family with no boys, can I live up to take ahead my parents’ pride? While questions keep swarming around me, answers keep dawning on me “as I grow”.