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Just remember

This time, I am writing on the most disturbing issue to me, only next to the pollution of the environment, which has inspired me to write this post. 
I am a girl, born in a well-to-do family. I am fortunate to be one among the educated lot. As an educated individual, I have aspirations. I have dreams, as any other boy or girl in this world.
But, you know something? Very few girls get to live their dreams. I am NOT speaking about the very many dreams of getting married to a handsome guy or enjoying the day going to parties. I am talking about the dream, when realised, has an impact on the society as a whole. That dream that can change the way the society is and not just the family and its members.
I ask a question to the reader. “Will you allow your sister, your mother, your daughter or especially your spouse to realise such a dream?” The rule is, “your answer “must” be from your heart”. If your reply is from the bottom of your heart, I can very well predict your answer, which will most l…