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Phase 2 ??

I never did realise that finishing college would put me in a whole new world!!
It’s already a year now since I got out of college (of course finishing my course!:P) and it has taken me soo long to get to a so called “routine” for myself. It is quite different for me. Very different for a girl who has spent all the years that she could hardly remember in a school or a college.
Lot of things around me have changed. People ask for my opinion. They ask me LOT of questions(pleasant and sometimes unpleasant :I) that they had once settled with “What are you studying? Where are you studying?” I have to sometimes look after myself when I am sick. I have a few unwritten responsibilities, which I have to fulfil with all my life. I have to take care of the keys!!(Freaks me out sometimes!) I DON’T HAVE EXAMS ANYMORE!! :D I am learning in reality, that my mistakes do not cost me my marks, but real problems. I also understand that every single person in this world has a different life. Not like how …