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My sis

Very few people in this world are blessed with siblings. I am one among the blessed.

Have you ever realised that you love your bro/sis very much, after a long, thrashing, lightning fight?
That feel is beautiful. It gives you a slight smile on your lips and the next moment grabs away all the hard feeling on him/her.

One day, I sat back and went through my memory. That day was a day before my dear sis' wedding. I was thinking over the days my sis and I spent together. The days we quarreled. The days we stood for each other. The days when we started experimenting in our mom's kitchen(my sis is my inspiration to learn cooking!!She cooks innovative dishes:)..all we do together).The days I was on the back of her bicycle when she's driving. The days when she was actually my teacher(my accounts teacher!!). she is the wife of a person. She has a different family for herself. In-laws to look after her and she is into the next half of her life.


I am feeling separat…

The book you read

Tell me the book you read, I will tell about you!!

I very recently realised this truth after falling victim to a book, or rather a trash, to say more precisely. You know something? If you are reading a book, you are actually living a life in the author's world!! If you do not, then you can't claim that you are actually into reading a book. That is true. Very much true.

So, if that is the case, then why would you like to risk your precious time spending with an author who's thoughts dont get you any further than pollute your minds with dirty inputs.



This is an age old topic, but a topic which has not yet got a solution.
Why dont we give our thought to it?

I was actually deaf to such topics until only a month ago when I happened to read an article in some book(i dont remember where anyway).The reason for me being deaf was that I was practically careless about a class of people who are being neglected of their basic rights.

The article was about bringing equality to all people, including all men and women.
I was attracted by a point that "Equality can be brought by giving equal oppurtunities to everyone".

Yes, it can be. Care to know how?
These days, people who are treated as inequals are those who are not givcn oppurtunities. If they were given the same floor to compete on, well, they would have come out even better than those who consider themselves great.
So, when facilities and ways of facilitating them are open, then probably there will be no questions of inequality and no place for such topics to be blogged.

I stro…