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Have u ever come across anyone who is being under scandal for his/her physical appearnce??..I think u would be nodding your heads or atleast be reminded of such a situation either happening to you or somebody of your fellow poeple..

Do you know how it hurts??Can someone be held responsible for his/her appearance unless and until he/she deliberately doesn't want to look good?

I take it as a topic worth throwing light on.This may be because,I personnally have been a victim of this or because I can't stand people who are "just" known for their appearance alone.

I came across a discussion on this topic in a famous tamil magazine and was really happy for the person who said a thing related to what meant “Beauty should also be one of the good personalities of a person, but not the only”..

How true!!..

If a person is beautiful by birth, then that person should feel happy for it. But, this does not mean that God has given him/her the right to talk about or to say more co…