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The power of “NO”

“NO” is usually thought as a negative word. But, very few people understand that it is a word of conviction, courage and determination.

When you say a “yes” it means you have given your consent. There is something else we could mean out of this. One, that you like it. Two, that you are afraid of the person and gave your consent even when you don’t like it a bit. Three, that you don’t want to give it a second thought and are used to saying “yes” even when you know perfectly well that you aren’t capable of doing it or you don't need it at the first place. Four, that others have said “yes” and so you don’t want to get off the crowd, since you always like being in the crowd even when it is headed for a big pit.
On the contrary, when you say “no”, it means a lot. One, you mean it. Two, you have given thought to it and are perfectly aware that you aren’t capable of doing or in need of, that particular thing. Three, that you got the nerve to say your heart’s wish to whomever it may conce…

The unsung heroine

Can you deny that your mom is an unsung heroine? Well, no one can.

I have to admit the fact that I have been trying to wall this post for quite a long time now. I don’t know whether someone got to know about this idea or what, but within this brief time I got to see into my mom’s life closely.(Though I am “in” her life, I don’t  get to see it in the perspective that she gets to see it. But, this time I did try to.) Waiting to know what I got?

So, here I am. (I don’t want to restrict myself to just my mom. I strongly hope that this is the same for every mother. Even harder for working mothers.)

Getting at 5 in the morning daily, which is usually thought as an unearthly hour, she starts her work from the very minute she is up. She prepares food for all, not to mention the menu of morning beverages that we give her. After that preparing everyone out to office, school, college or work with the lunch that they carry, which is usually unique for every member! Now, if it is for the working w…