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and that is my father!

[ This is an ode, that a little girl writes to her father. This is one that every child should give to his/her father, to make him realise that he has made the child’s life, the way it is today. A tribute to all the lovable fathers of the world! ]
The perfectionist who drives people crazy to get his work done with that ‘extra’ that makes his work stand out from the rest of the lot and speak out for him. Also, the people’s man, who comes earnestly to attend to employee issues and support them. And that classy boss is my father!
Street sweepers and rag pickers usually ignore or rather despise passersby. Not to blame them. They clean the streets for the good of everyone and none cares about the good of them, but one. And that one, whom no street sweeper ever forgets or ignores. They are all smiles and eager whenever his car pulls up the street. That is not just because of the money he gives them, but the love and recognition he shows. That is true happiness. ‘To see someone else happy, beca…

Naming 'company'

Naming a company is by far as strenuous as starting a company itself.

Yes, you get identified by your name. It is considered as an unique feature, or more so as 'USP' itself as the jargon goes.The unique identification cards issued now, emphasizes the importance equally.

That's why you patent your company's name, to assure your customer against any duplicates.

The requirement of an 'easy' name, is a need these days. Also,the name should pertain to what you do, your vision and the related details. None can compromise on that.

You work hard to build a company, you launch in the market. People refer you with the 'product', to be specific, 'the name of the product'. So, the first impression  should and has always to be 'The BEST' of all.

You require a lot of time to arrive on a name with all these aspects. Consider the job done if you are in the hands of

They help you with all these aspects and also give you the 'so…