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I came across a wonderful book titled, “7 laws to success”, or something similar to it. (I am not able to locate it now, to get the right title! :P) It was quite a small book and I was able to complete it in a couple of days. The effect that it had on me, lasts even after those couple of days. (Very few books have that “effect”, even after you finish reading it!!)

In that book, the author, Mr.Chopra, talks about success. True to its name! He starts with defining success. He stops right there. He says, “Success is defined differently by every person”.

Every one of us wants to be successful in life. But, are the priorities similar? No! Are the metrics we hold for grading oneself successful, similar? No!

The author adds, you shouldn’t look at yourself through the eyes of someone else. Your priorities and situations in your life is totally different from someone else'. Isn’t it true?

I like a dialogue in a famous Tamil movie. An old man, who had aspired to become a film director in his …