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With Copenhagen failing its purpose,the countries have started to work out plans on their own.The BASIC group(consisting of Brazil,South Africa,India and China) has met up and decided that they work on their own to improve the mitigation efforts for stopping climate change.
I hope that this effort taken by the countries turns out to be fruitful.


True,a stitch in time definitely saves nine stitches later.I say this for a reason.

Usually I am annoyed by the way some people leave lights and fans on,even when not in use.This, I should say is an act of neglect.They fail to understand that their small act of just swithcing off the lights,fans and water faucets today,will definitely pay off some day or the other.Not just for them,but for their future generation as well.

This need not be just for the sake of the future generation.Doesn't swithcing off electrical appliances when not in use greatly reduce the electricity bill?
Sure enough,I have seen plenty of people who are ready to heed to the wastage of electricity when in home.But when it comes to places away from home,they think it is some other person's responsibility.

Resources available to us is actually everyone's.Be it on some other person's cost,it becomes ours too,when there is an accute need for it.We may not realse it now.There are always times when people…