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Hope is like - a bright ray of sunlight gleaming through dark stormy clouds; a life boat for a strangled sailor; the sound of water for a thirsty traveller; the beaconing light from a light house for a lost ship; the first drop of rain for a drought hit farmer; the positive nod from a doctor for a patient; the first positive test result for a scientist.
We all know of many many great people in this world, like Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam or Abraham Lincoln who started their crusade with nothing else, but hope. Their hopes were for a better country, a better education system for the society, a cleaner world, a cast-less nation, a race-less world. And we all realise the great heights they reached in life.
This “Hope”, is just a small thing that can make us do such great things. It is that small twine of thread that holds a kite in the air. Well, there are times in our life, when the question, “Oh! What will happen?”, will be haunting us day and night! The answer to it and our attitud…
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Oh! What will people say?

For a long time, I have been experimenting with the question, “Oh! What will people say?”   
I wanted to know, if it is good to ask this to ourselves before doing something, so that we can be good to everybody around us.

And few days back, I came across this beautiful quote, “No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. Follow your heart, make the most of every day, and be proud of who you are.” – John Cena The saying is so true.

I see a lot of analogy between this quote and a small story, which goes,

There was once a man, who had a donkey. He went with his donkey to a nearby town. He was walking and taking the donkey with him. Seeing that, people said, “What kind of a man is he? He has a donkey and doesn’t know to use it. He should be riding on the donkey!” Hearing that, the man mounted on the donkey and before he could cross few blocks, people around him said, “What kind of a man is he? Doesn’t have a sense of pity to the poor creature! Riding on the donkey when he can e…


We all have gone through or at least been part of a marriage. For most of us, marriage is all about the ceremonies.
Having just married, I suddenly got intrigued one day, on the meaning of marriage. I was thinking, why should there be a thing called marriage at all?

Thence, I landed up in front of my laptop to ask my best pal, Google ;), what she thinks marriage is.
This is what she says,
   "the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (...) 
as partners in a relationship"
Well. It is true. But beyond this, I felt, marriage is something more. Something more than just the ceremonies and knots (or vows).

Marriage is a connection, an attachment or a bond. The bond between two unknown things making them one.
It is the bond which binds two different families into one. It is the bond that adds an extra person into a small family and makes it big. It is the bond bringing more happiness home. It is the beautiful bond that gives a son to a son-less parent and a daug…

Small is big

Yeah! You read it right. Every small thing is big.

A good morning wish is small.  An acknowledging nod at your neighbour is small. A gleeful wave at a school kid is small.  A helping hand to a struggling stranger is small.  A thank you note is small.  A sorry note is even smaller. A friendly chat with an old pal is small.  A simple gesture of "I am there for you" is small.  An early birthday wish is small.  A "No problem" or "That's ok" to a person saying sorry, is small.  A change of plan for your loved one is small.  An act of stepping aside is small.  A simple errand for someone who cannot, is small.  A lost game with a kid is small.  A word of appreciation is small.  A "You ok?" to someone struggling is small.  A smile at a completely unknown fellow passenger is small. 
Though these are stuff that look small and do not take up much of our time, these are those acts that define us. What we are and what we become largely depends on things…

Bon appétit*

I have always been fond of good food, like everybody is. Little did I realize until recently that the biggest boon of life is having food in your plate, whenever you want. Something this big was taught to me by a small bird, which is, believe me, not larger than my fist.

One day, my dad broke some leftover biscuits and put them on our home’s compound wall pillar. I thought he should be crazy and that how would birds or anything for that matter, know that there’s food here, under the trees. But to my surprise, that evening all the biscuits were gone. I didn’t want to believe that they were eaten. Next day too, my dad did the same thing. I was waiting till evening, only to find it empty. Then I decided to find out the real reason myself.
The third day, I volunteered, broke few biscuits into tiny bits and was waiting in our porch, reading a newspaper. I had waited for close to an hour and there was no sign of any bird or anything. When I decided to give up and go inside, I heard the chi…

A smile :)

It was a very usual day of mine. I was waiting for the car, outside. There were lot of tired people crossing me. Guess most of them were going home from work, exhausted, just like me.

I was looking around, not knowing how much more time I had to wait. Just then, I noticed a woman walking towards me, from the farther end of the road. The woman was one of the drained lot. When she came nearer I realized she was carrying a baby. She was lying on her mother’s shoulder, worried. I felt really bad. I usually like children, and I momentously smiled at the kid, when her mother was crossing me. Suddenly, as though, sun’s rays are gleaming through darkened clouds, she smiled back at me. It was like miracle. When a complete stranger, that too, way too younger, and who doesn’t care about what life, smiles at you, just because you smiled at her. And, even more surprising was she continued smiling at me, until her mother walked away from me and into a building. Only then I realized many people were …


I came across a wonderful book titled, “7 laws to success”, or something similar to it. (I am not able to locate it now, to get the right title! :P) It was quite a small book and I was able to complete it in a couple of days. The effect that it had on me, lasts even after those couple of days. (Very few books have that “effect”, even after you finish reading it!!)

In that book, the author, Mr.Chopra, talks about success. True to its name! He starts with defining success. He stops right there. He says, “Success is defined differently by every person”.

Every one of us wants to be successful in life. But, are the priorities similar? No! Are the metrics we hold for grading oneself successful, similar? No!

The author adds, you shouldn’t look at yourself through the eyes of someone else. Your priorities and situations in your life is totally different from someone else. Isn’t it true?

I like a dialogue in a famous Tamil movie. An old man, who had aspired to become a film director in his young…