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Living Your Dream

He, she, you, I and any other person on earth will want to live his/her dream. Who would not want to? (Pls forget the nightmares we dare not face in real life).
Recently, I was made to realise the actual purpose of me, starting to write this blog. I started it to share my views about the environment and the ways in which we could contribute to its safety and cleanliness. This is actually my dream. I wanted to be of some use to someone before I leave this world. The one way I found was to do something to the environment we live in.
Well, you know what. Dreaming is easy. But, just by dreaming (As I dreamt of “being useful to someone”(?!)), I haven’t achieved anything. Though I am trying to do something, I am not working to realise, or to put in clear words, I am not trying hard to live my dream. To live your dream, you need to have the nerve which is far higher than just dreaming.
I happened to meet a person. I was really impressed by the person’s lifestyle. The compassion he had for serv…