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Are you worthy of your education?

Speaking about the importance of education in a man's life,I am reminded of an incident one of my doctors said to me.Let me just tell that in a brief way.

The doctor and his friends were travelling in a train.At that time,they came across a villager.The villager was talking to them and those learned people were talking with the villager with so much neglect.At one point of time the villager has asked one of his friends about their education.The learned friend has insulted the villager saying that the villager wouldn't understand what his education was all about.For that the villager has so calmly replied,"If u can't make me understand what you have learned,then what is the purpose for you being a learned fellow?" ...

Isn't this a worthy question??..It is,a hundred times.I used to ask this question to myself a lot of times.A question that I wish everyone of the learned people asks himself or herself, to understand whether he or she is really worthy of the educ…

Dont get carried away by the wave!!

Yah!!..Live your life the way you like.Dont ever get carried away by what people think and dream about your life.Though they are integral parts of your life,it is after all your life which you will have to live.

I can see people,which includes me,these days are very engrosed in what the society thinks about them,not minding about their dreams and abilities.We are just carried away by the wave.We dont even realise it until at last we are actually in our last days of life.

We are given plenty of oppurtunities that we seldom realise.Some learned people dont even understand the importance of their education,for which almost a quarter of the Indian population is striving to get.

So,fix your dreams in your heart.Don't heed to what people around you are saying to divert you away from your goals.Be flexible,but not too much as to just bend down to the ground and never being able to get up again.

The decision you take today should be yours.So that whatever you might face in the future you …