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Who are you trying to emulate?

Let us ask this question to ourselves before going further.”Who am I trying to be like?” Most part of our life, we try to be like someone else. We want to dress, walk, talk, live like someone or the other. May be sometimes, the person whom we are trying to emulate is a very successful person. But, don’t you think we lose our individuality while doing so? Aren’t we born to be unique in this world? We want ourselves to be qualified by our fellow people with so called certificates as “You walk like so and so”, ”Your speech is very much like so and so” and blah blah. But, we refrain from being ourselves. You may not know. If you are the way you are naturally used to be, people might say something like “That boy’s speech is like yours”. You would be that ‘so and so’ that people had been holding in their minds as the standard against which they compare people’s performance! Imagine!! You are created in this world by the Master. The one who created our star studded celebrity world. We keep gazi…

The friendship I cherish

We come across many people in our lives. Relatives, co-workers, acquaintances and the list gets longer. At a particular point of time, we happen to forget some far relations and colleagues. We don’t feel much about it even when we happen to meet them later. But, if it is a long forgotten friend, we feel very lost when we face them. It makes us feel ashamed and makes us think of the beautiful days that we spent with the friend. That is because “Friendship is a relation which is not bequeathed upon us as a rule, but is a bond made by two fond souls.” I happened to realise the height of friendship very few days earlier. That was when my friends got placed. You know, I was feeling the same tense as they had and was waiting for the results as though it was mine. And once it was out and I got to know that they all had made it, then that’s it. I was in cloud eleven. I was jumping and exulting as though I had been them. I felt so very happy. That was out of the friendship I had for them. Never…