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Some puzzles cannot be solved. Some topics always remain fresh for discussion. One such is the girl child issue.
Though the present world is seeing a number of women entrepreneurs and achievers, the age old stereotypical thinking is still there. I am not sure about the other nations, but the traditional social system of the Indian society has injected a kind of contempt towards girl children. Especially towards the homes without a boy child. It is deep rooted right from the richest and the so called forward thinkers right till the downtrodden.
What are these girl children seen as, by some in the society?
They are seen as burdens to the family. They are seen to be nothing but an extra expense. They are thought as those filthy people who will abandon their parents and live for themselves. Sometimes, some wonderful foreseers also suggest of not spending too much on the girl’s education, stating reasons that it is not going to help the family anyway. (This is true. If the reader has a diff…