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        Wondering what this post is all about? Well it is about…

The one word thatI reckon was the first thing I uttered.
The one word whichholds meaning to the whole world for me. The one word which has always been a perennial source of scrumptious food.

The one word which is the synonym for home. The one word which is the purest thing on earth next to sunlight. The one word that I remember in pleasure and pain.

The one word which has shown me the real purpose of life. The one word which is the personification of kindness, selflessness, warmth and unconditional love. The one word which acts as an anchor to my ever wandering thoughts.

The one word that makes me feel God’s presence on earth. The one word which makes everyone look up with respect and pride! The one word which gives significance to my very presence.

That one word which I keep saying my whole day. And that one word refers to my wonderful mom!!

           The world’s best cook.                               The most awesome mentor.��…