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The “present”

To write a post !! Phew !!


Ofcourse! It is procrastination. The one particular word that can explain the failure of many people.
Do you think this world doesn’t have good people? Do you think this world is running short of innovators and out- of – the- box thinkers? I’d say a hell no.
Care to know why?
The world is actually teaming with so many people with noble hearts, people who are excellent thinkers. But, it is actually falling short of “DOERS!” Here, I have a personal confession to make. I am a one of the procrastinators ( hope there is a word like this ! ).
Whatever I wish to do, I take sooo long to do it, that I actually lose the spirit of doing it or worst of all, someone else does it ahead of me! So, what is the point? I did think out a plan. I am capable of doing things better. I have a heart to help people. What is the use, when I am not ready to speak out or DO IT ? No use at all! It is better to sit idle and do nothing than to think !
I had a long unanswered question, “Why do we procrastinate?” I got …

Beware of the walls !