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A smile :)

It was a very usual day of mine. I was waiting for the car, outside. There were lot of tired people crossing me. Guess most of them were going home from work, exhausted, just like me.

I was looking around, not knowing how much more time I had to wait. Just then, I noticed a woman walking towards me, from the farther end of the road. The woman was one of the drained lot. When she came nearer I realized she was carrying a baby. She was lying on her mother’s shoulder, worried. I felt really bad. I usually like children, and I momentously smiled at the kid, when her mother was crossing me. Suddenly, as though, sun’s rays are gleaming through darkened clouds, she smiled back at me. It was like miracle. When a complete stranger, that too, way too younger, and who doesn’t care about what life, smiles at you, just because you smiled at her. And, even more surprising was she continued smiling at me, until her mother walked away from me and into a building. Only then I realized many people were …