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Happiness :)

It was a wonderful evening. Unlike the regularity, that particular evening was very pleasant. Thanks to the heavy downpour in the afternoon. The whole street was very deserted and was unusually calm.

Bewitched by the sunset’s enchantment and the calm, my dad and I, after our small evening chat, decided to go for a walk. The sky was beautiful. It had always been a wonder to me. The different tints of colours the sky had, made me believe, that it was after all true to the law in Physics that I learnt or the law in Physics was true to the sky that evening!

As we continued in our walk, I was gazing at a building that was being constructed. Since my dad was a builder himself, I had the habit of asking him questions that came to my mind at that moment (though I am not particularly interested in buildings, I just like the way he takes the interest to answer my little silly questions!!:P).

After my little interview, I heard some loud giggles from the basement of the not-fully-built building. I…

My prayer to god

I pray for good health
Hard earned, enough wealth

For an empathetic, strong heart
A mind quick and smart

To be honest
And earnest

To be as the dust in simplicity
And as the sun in generosity

To be responsible
And reasonable

For friends whom I can trust
Family, kind and just

To always be the first to forgive
But never be abusive

To never forget a favour
Never to be fooled by glamour

To never let down a confidant(e)
Never to kill, be it an ant

To leave the world a better place
Without losing my face

To live a happy and content life
Grant me these wishes, without any strife

Phase 2 ??

I never did realise that finishing college would put me in a whole new world!!
It’s already a year now since I got out of college (of course finishing my course!:P) and it has taken me soo long to get to a so called “routine” for myself. It is quite different for me. Very different for a girl who has spent all the years that she could hardly remember in a school or a college.
Lot of things around me have changed. People ask for my opinion. They ask me LOT of questions(pleasant and sometimes unpleasant :I) that they had once settled with “What are you studying? Where are you studying?” I have to sometimes look after myself when I am sick. I have a few unwritten responsibilities, which I have to fulfil with all my life. I have to take care of the keys!!(Freaks me out sometimes!) I DON’T HAVE EXAMS ANYMORE!! :D I am learning in reality, that my mistakes do not cost me my marks, but real problems. I also understand that every single person in this world has a different life. Not like how …