Oh! What will people say?

For a long time, I have been experimenting with the question, “Oh! What will people say?”   
I wanted to know, if it is good to ask this to ourselves before doing something, so that we can be good to everybody around us.

And few days back, I came across this beautiful quote,
“No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. Follow your heart, make the most of every day, and be proud of who you are.” – John Cena
The saying is so true.

I see a lot of analogy between this quote and a small story, which goes,

There was once a man, who had a donkey. He went with his donkey to a nearby town. He was walking and taking the donkey with him. Seeing that, people said, “What kind of a man is he? He has a donkey and doesn’t know to use it. He should be riding on the donkey!” Hearing that, the man mounted on the donkey and before he could cross few blocks, people around him said, “What kind of a man is he? Doesn’t have a sense of pity to the poor creature! Riding on the donkey when he can easily walk.”

Don’t you think it is quite what we come across in our lives?

It is good to understand everyone’s feelings and not hurt them. But, we need not be so empathetic that we sacrifice our true nature to become the person that everybody else wants us to be.

Let us be happy. Let us be loving. Let us politely listen to what the world has to say to us and take only those that make us a better and happier person. J J


Arcturus said…
At times it is absolutely impossible to turn blind towards certain people reactions and deaf against their comments, specially when we have some sentimental attachment...
Brenda said…
I would find it very difficult in any situation if I felt hypocrisy in what I was saying. Trying to please everyone only leaves a spirit of conflict inside a person. If you disagree with something there is a kind way of saying it, and even a time to say nothing.

Very true. "You are what you think you are"words of FLATTERY are often with an expectaion of kick back,
PRAISE are words for you have earned,accepted without boosting our ego or narcissism,COMPLIMENT is an unexpected free gift like a hug by a child,to be cherished.I recall Russel Lynes quote "Never accept flattrey as though it were a compliment,and never treat a compliment as though it was merely a flattery"

Words of scoffing,tauntung,flouting are heard and forgotten.

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