We all have gone through or at least been part of a marriage. For most of us, marriage is all about the ceremonies.
Having just married, I suddenly got intrigued one day, on the meaning of marriage. I was thinking, why should there be a thing called marriage at all?

Thence, I landed up in front of my laptop to ask my best pal, Google ;), what she thinks marriage is.
This is what she says,
   "the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (...) 
as partners in a relationship"

Well. It is true. But beyond this, I felt, marriage is something more. Something more than just the ceremonies and knots (or vows).

Marriage is a connection, an attachment or a bond. The bond between two unknown things making them one.
It is the bond which binds two different families into one.
It is the bond that adds an extra person into a small family and makes it big.
It is the bond bringing more happiness home.
It is the beautiful bond that gives a son to a son-less parent and a daughter to the daughter-less.
It is the bond that makes the family stronger.
It is a bond where the bride's distant uncle and the groom's distant cousin become related. ;)
It is that bond which gives the bride and the groom, two places to call home and four people to call parents.
And it is the one bond in the world, that binds two different individuals, born and brought up separately in different places, into one, through sorrow and happiness, sickness and health, poverty and wealth, failure and success, gloom and glam.

So, this is marriage.
A life long journey. A journey which should be made with cherishable memories all along. :)


congrats on your first Diwali.sucess in marriage is much more than finding the right person,it is matter of being the right person in the most demanding times being a giver than a receiver.
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