Small is big

Yeah! You read it right. Every small thing is big.

A good morning wish is small. 
An acknowledging nod at your neighbour is small.
A gleeful wave at a school kid is small. 
A helping hand to a struggling stranger is small. 
A thank you note is small. 
A sorry note is even smaller.
A friendly chat with an old pal is small. 
A simple gesture of "I am there for you" is small. 
An early birthday wish is small. 
A "No problem" or "That's ok" to a person saying sorry, is small. 
A change of plan for your loved one is small. 
An act of stepping aside is small. 
A simple errand for someone who cannot, is small. 
A lost game with a kid is small. 
A word of appreciation is small. 
A "You ok?" to someone struggling is small. 
A smile at a completely unknown fellow passenger is small. 

Though these are stuff that look small and do not take up much of our time, these are those acts that define us. What we are and what we become largely depends on things as small as these. Most times, like it is said, a positive one comes back positively and a negative one, negatively!

I still remember a famous cricket player, who had come to our school. He did not respect our national anthem. I also remember a simple psychologist who came to our college for a lecture. He did not accept the gift we gave and instead asked us to give it to someone needy. 

The kind of memory I have of the two people are different, irrespective of what big they had accomplished in their lives. It is solely because of the small act that they did. 

So, while we are all so engrossed in accomplishing our big things, let us not forget the smaller and less important ones. Cos though they appear small, they mean the most and also cost us the most!


such altruistic expression are truly big indeed. succinctly worded.congrats

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