Things of beauty that caught my eye. I've tried to catch them on my camera!!

My best buddy!

Trying out focusing in my cam

Chilly treat

On a sunny afternoon

Knotted tiles


Traditional Tanjavur dancing doll

 Against light

Nice place to sit back and rest :P

Colorful umberalla

Droplets from heaven

Trying to catch some :D

 The mountain canopy
 Deep mountain valley
White roses with morning dews
 Heaven ????
Misty !!!
Village on the mountain cliff

 Bee at work
Silent lake side
 Through the misty clouds
Wild flowers
Bird's view

Red roses with dews

Bright as sunshine !!
The "park" feel
Paper flowers
The shoe house
Those beautiful pink flowers !!
A walk on the yellow flower carpet
Trees on the water
That lusty green !!
Sunlight thru the trees ;)
A walk into the forests
Those white flowers!
A retreat
Dho minar at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
Sunset at Golconda
Inside Golconda Fort

Ah! Golconda!

A warm winter morning


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